About us

The Centre for Global Studies (CMES) is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization, registered in 2005 in accordance with the Law for legal entities with non-profit activity. It incorporates researchers and experts in the field of political science, international relations, orientalism and media.

 The Centre for Global Studies is founded with the mission to conduct research and make analysis on topics of contemporary social, political and economic processes, undergoing in one of the most dynamic regions of the world - the Middle East. These processes cannot be understood without the emergence of Islam on the international political scene and its claimto be an important  geopolitical player.

The Centre for Global Studies believes it should realize the following goals in its activities:

- To contribute in providing adequate public awareness about the processes in the Middle East as an area of conflicts, with  special attention to the possibilities of regulation of the conflicts;

- To offer a pluralistic approach in the presentation of issues, giving different points of view;

- To study the causes and phenomenon of contemporary terrorism, with special emphasis on tendencies in its development;

- To work for the promotion of inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue and tolerance

In order to achieve these goals the Centre for Global Studies

- Maintains a site for presenting studies and publications both of Bulgarian authors and leading researchers and journalists from all over the world;

- Publishes “East-West” magazine in ten issues every year;

-        - Prepares analyses and specialized studies on topical issues in the field of international relations and Middle East politics; on Islamic political and religious organizations, focusing on organizations with regional and international importance.

- Organizes round tables, seminars and conferences;

The entire work of the Centre for Global Studies is directed towards  the promotion of the dialogue of civilizations and the culture of tolerance.